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Specializing in Wide Pine & Oak Flooring, Paneling and Custom Millwork.
When you want to recapture the warmth, charm and authenticity of the Early American home, there is no substitute for wide pine boards.
The Early American colonists made their houses and furniture from the large, straight pines growing in abundance in New England forests. They sheathed the broad surfaces, such as floors and walls, with the widest of these boards for flooring, paneling and wainscoting since they could cover large areas with fewer joints.
Much of the early furniture was made with a single wide pine board for table tops, bed headboards, and the sides, tops and bottoms of various case pieces, such as chests and cupboards.
Today, after an unbroken 350 year history of practical use, these wide pine boards are hard to find. When they are used, they greatly enhance the beauty and authenticity of antique building restoration and reproduction, whether it's a log cabin, a Southern mansion, a Western ranch house, or a New England colonial.  

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